Horizon Academy Trust

Elena Luscombe

Expertise: Literacy

Since starting at Spring Cottage she has co-ordinated SEND and English, and has recently been promoted to Assistant Headteacher.

Since taking on the role of English Co-ordinator, she has continued to lead a number of whole-school projects. Elena has dedicated herself to creating a rich and innovative new English curriculum, where learning is an exciting and realistic experience for all children. She is passionate about finding new techniques and taking risks within the classroom and is always researching new ideas and pedagogies. Elena had the pleasure of teaching in every year group across the school and leading all phases.

As an SLE she has delivered specialised, school-to-school support and has embraced the opportunity to work alongside schools both within Hull and the East Riding. Elena takes great pleasure in watching the impact that she has had on the quality of teaching and learning in various different settings.