Horizon Academy Trust

Our Story

Horizon Academy Trust is a primary-only academy chain based in Hull and the East Riding. Founded in 2017, it was created to facilitate a strong working partnership between local schools and deliver a clear focus of excellence for all of its pupils. 

At Horizon, we place a relentless focus on breaking the link between context and attainment through a no-excuses ethos, high levels of collaboration and challenge, and a commitment to providing a quality school experience for every child. 

Horizon has a proven school improvement model to ensure that all children can achieve the best possible outcomes. This is based on the strong relationships between schools and the collaborative and supportive culture that exists between all partners. 

Horizon values each individual school,  as we believe that primary education underpins the success of a community. This allows each school to maintain it's identity and unique aspects and experience in serving their individual community. However, there is also the recognition that we are stronger together and we are determined to provide an 'outstanding' education for every one of our students, in every one of our schools. 



 Detailed Horizon structure